[e//S2] Clutches, Newer CC programmer install - Did it- bit of Advice

G. Christopher Buerner chris at qualitymarineusa.com
Tue Jun 3 11:22:26 EDT 2003

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Hi All, Thanks Jimmy for the Tip Re: my ECU short-comings, Looks like
I'm going to start playing with chipsets and transducers.  Anyone have
an extra AAN ECU laying around they wanna sell?

If you are building a purpose-built track car, disregard the following
and don't add weight, cut it out where-ever you can, especially in the
front half.

Re: putting a newer ac programmer in the car  - I put the programmer
from a '94 S4 into my '91 CQ using the engine wiring harness from a '95
RS2, a climate control box from a '93 90 V6 (remember, the coupe's box
has pneumatically operated flaps, and won't work with the digital
controller that drives the electric flap motors on later cars),  and
most importantly a small obscure wiring loom from a '95 RS2 that ties
the whole enchilada together.  This little loom (the part numbers for
which I can go digging should anyone care), I later found out exits in
nearly every Audi 90 V6 model.

I haven't gotten around to charging the system yet, but the programmer
seems to function properly. And the flaps and fan motor work fine.  The
downside is all the error codes it displays in diagnostic mode.  I can't
tell whether they're legit or not, or if the poor thing is just confused
as all hell.

In any event, the swap is possible, and not costly, just have to chase
all the parts down.  Do it now while the dash is out, or you'll never
get around to doing it later.

I've got many, many pics from the conversion process and am slowly
putting some of them together on a website.  I'll post the domain when
it's working and somewhat presentable.

Oh, and regarding clutches,  My set-up is a dieted '90 CQ Flywheel,
clutchnet racing clutch, and '91 CQ pressure plate.

We cut a lot of weight off the flywheel, and the clutch is one that has
been used in a few different SCCA pro-rally open class S2's with 400+hp.

I don't get any slippage, but engaging first ain't exactly a smooth


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