[e//S2] Clutches - bit of Advice

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Tue Jun 3 15:55:58 EDT 2003

I'm still trying to decide on which tranny/flywheel combo I'll use.
'91 coupe flywheel with coupe tranny,
or '91 200q20v donor 3B flywheel and tranny.

Gear ratio on the 200q20v tranny is much nicer for track IMO, and the stock 3B flywheel starts at 19 pounds before lightening.
Haven't tried to figure out linkage or drive shaft issues yet.

Stock 3B clutch runs around $365 for Sachs.


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> Oh, and regarding clutches,  My set-up is a dieted '90 CQ Flywheel,
clutchnet racing clutch, and '91 CQ pressure plate.

> We cut a lot of weight off the flywheel, and the clutch is one that has
been used in a few different SCCA pro-rally open class S2's with 400+hp.

> I don't get any slippage, but engaging first ain't exactly a smooth

Thanks, Chris.  It sounds like this might be the way to go for those of us
who are sticking with the CQ tranny (at least for now).  Here is the link
for the clutchnet CQ applications:


Which one of these are you using, Chris?  If somebody else wants to find out
how many we would need to get a discount, I would be willing to go in on a
GP.  If we need more, we can send it up to the 20V list to see if there are
any more takers.

WRT flywheel weight, the machine shop said they knocked-off 8 lbs. to get my
flywheel down to 16 lbs..  YMMV.

Jimmy P.

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