[e//S2] Clutches - bit of advice

G. Christopher Buerner chris at qualitymarineusa.com
Tue Jun 3 16:21:08 EDT 2003

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Hi All,

As a follow up to the clutch question Jimmy posed:

We used a six puck sprung-hub unit.   It's rated to handle 600 hp with
the proper pressure plate (not that I'll ever see that happen).  Mine's
holding fine at 18 psi +  with my stock pressure plate,  actually, I'm
embarrassed to say I can't remember which one we used now, 7A or AAN we
had a total of three we were juggling, and I think we even changed one a
bit.  It could have been the modified AAN unit we used, but I could be
wrong on that, I'll go back and check.

We cut the flywheel down by 50% I'm told, but I didn't actually weigh
it.  I'm guessing it's in the 12-pound range, and Idle is still dead

Let me re-iterate that you've got to nurse the thing into first, beyond
that it's fine.  Engagement really is quite aggressive,  If you're going
to be driving in rush-hour traffic, you may want a softer unit and
unless you've got a full-blown race car I wouldn't dream of using the
solid hub unit, 4 OR 6 puck, never mind what it'll do to you poor old 5

RS2's were notorious for trashing first gear in the early CGR 6 speed
'boxes, and 315 hp ain't all that much.  Late build CGR's with the
stronger 1st gear, and of course the superceding CRB 6 speeds held up
fine.  So, if you're using anything other than a CRB or a CGR (with
bigger 1st gear), I would definitely recommend a SPRUNG clutch.

I'm running my original 5 speed, and in some circles it's argued that
these are tougher than some of the early 6 speeds. I'm not sure I agree
or not with all of that conjecture,  but we'll see if mine holds up with
350 at the wheels..

I'm going to swap in the stage three Lehmann 2.5 bar chipset this
weekend, and should see some more serious boost in the 21-24 psi range,
I'll let you guys know if my clutch is slipping with what-ever PP I

It seems my RS2 MAF/Injectors/FPR set-up was causing my ECU to see
overboost conditions whenever I hit 4500 rpm in any gear higher than 3.

If the new chipset doesn't screw things up totally with the AAN stuff
installed, I'll try swapping in the RS2 bits to see if my ECU likes them
better with the higher boosting chipset than before.

Hope this helps you guys make a sound clutch choice, the price on these
clutchnet clutches is kind too.  Less than 2 bones for the one I'm



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