[e//S2] Interesting finds for clutch setups Prices from impex here in the states..

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Jun 3 22:22:18 EDT 2003

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      Clutch  part #s place price

      Rs4 disc 078141031s impex 227.24
      Rs4 disc 078141031sx impex 199.17

      S2 Aby pressure plate 077141117L impex 455.86

      S6 aan clutch plate 034141033x impex 199.17
      pressure plate 034141117g impex 250.28
      pressure plate 034141117gx impex 180.79

      7a pressure plate 034141117b impex 294.74
      clutch disc 034141032hx impex 219.4
      3b clutch disc 035141033h impex 360.05
      pressure plate 035141118hx  285.29

      S4 clutch disc 034141033 impex 105.06
      pressure plate 034141117g impex 250.28

I am still learning alot of this stuff but how often should you change your pressure plate?
Is changing just the clutch an option for a car that has 70,000 approximate miles on it.

Could we use the RS4 clutch? those are preity decent prices for a car than handles 360+hp?????


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