[e//S2] 20v head question

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Jun 4 00:50:46 EDT 2003

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i have the head off the 3B for cleaning etc. and i find the cams kind of ha=
rd to turn by hand, even with the cam sprocket in place. so i put a wrench =
on it to turn the cams and the movement wasn't all that smooth, but kind of=
 notchy. it seemed to coincide with the timing chain's relation to the cam =
drive gears, although the chain appears to be aligned and seated properly w=
ith the gears. everything else moves smoothly (lobes, valves, distributor, =
etc.) before i had the engine apart, i was able to turn the engine (via the=
 crank shaft) fairly easily with the t-belt in place. my question is rather=
 specific: has anyone moved their cams while the head was off and experienc=
ed this? does anyone with cylinder head "experience" find this odd, or is t=
his the way the cams are supposed to move?

thanks in advance!


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