G. Christopher Buerner chris at qualitymarineusa.com
Thu Jun 5 00:11:48 EDT 2003

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Since I'm in a question-anserin' kind a mood, this is for Jimmy P.

The only perceptible difference  between the ADU & ABY units (P/N's
ending in "EE") and the AAN unit (P/N ending in "EF")- I may have those
two designations and part suffixes flip-flopped as this is purely from
memory right now-, is that the ADU/ABY unit's intake is shorter.  In
other words the "barrel" isn't as long.  The open bore is the same I
think, at least at the hose side, but it's hard to get an accurate
measurement on the inside with calipers as it tapers down.

I do have a photo of them side by side, it's kinda buried amongst
millions of other pics, and with names like dsc00014532 it'll take me a
while to get them all organized.  Now that the car is done, it all seems
like such low priority.

Anyway, I never actually bother fitting up the AAN unit when we built
the engine so I don't know what fitment issues the AAN unit creates.  By
the time the motor was back together I had the RS2 unit in hand, we
checked 'em out side by side, and went with the correct one.

I doubt it makes much difference. The Throttle position sensors are
identical, and from the looks of it the bore on the intake manifold side
was the same too.



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