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After run circuit is pretty easy to troubleshoot on all the turbo Audis.

First step:  engine off, look at the coolant rail on the radiator side of the head.  There are two temperature sensors on it; the smaller 2 pin unit is used for afterrun.
Connect the two wires together (don't let them short to ground) and you'll have the low-speed fan and pump run.  It can be hard to tell if the after run pump is working; it should vibrate, but that doesn't always mean coolant is flowing, as the impeller may be frozen.

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> Almost everything you "need" will connect to harness
> T10a (black), and it
> is all really quite simple if you have both wiring
> diagrams available.
> (at least AAN -> 7a wasn't too bad)
> The most complex circuit in the whole process (maybe
> even the whole car)
> by FAR has to be the cooling system.
> I still haven't figured that part out 100% yet and
> I'm currently
> struggling with a near overheat condition because of
> it.  :-/

Hmmm, it can be made to work.  I have a 4-row Al
radiator (from 2B, bought it years ago when the
stocker broke, before they raised their prices) and
no AC.  The thermoswitch on the rad. does it's thing
switching the fan on and off, and presumeably the
thermostat is in good working order.  I have to really
work it to get the oil temp guage  above 100C (stock
200tq/3B oil cooler) and the VAG-COM shows group 000
engine temps right around 200F as it should be.
The only issue I have is that I have yet to hear
the after-run fan/ pump kick in.  I understand that
is not unusual for 3B/ AAN cars, but I still plan to
dig into it at some point.
Net I think the only components that could cause your
trouble are the thermoswitch and T-stat.  I would be
surprised if the stock radiator is really that

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