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josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Thu Jun 5 19:31:40 EDT 2003

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Thanks chris for the info:

Yes I did get the oilcooler and lines, I also got the S2 air box, maf, the =
downpipe, the cats, and the y connector for the cats(everything but interco=
oler and crossmember).  I been reading about the swap for quite a while now=
.=2E 3b.aan,aby etc..  In all truthfulness I am working out of my father's =
garage, I have a lack of tools, I can borrow most from friends when I need =
them, and rent tools. I can't weld, and well I work alot. But the aby motor=
, I felt was something I could work with, a good starting point to get the =
swap done in a rather quick manner.  No rush of course but I like to think =
from May 26th(the day I bought it) to July 26th I will have the swap done b=
y then or sooner.

I have a source for all the parts I need from the V6:
Climate control unit, the adapter harness, the other harness. the box, the =
AC drier and line.
AC low pressure line:
8a0260740ae one part # for it, but there is also another: 893260740 which i=
s actually on the 93 v6 models. I won't be able to confirm this till I get =
to that parts car but I am preity positive.

I have a spread sheet going comparing prices from places, including mainten=
ance,and Rs2/s2 parts. I should be starting to order parts monday.

Also.. I ironically just replaced my dash harness. I still have my old one.=
 I will most likely do a practice run on that harness.. and get everything =
labeled. And I can take pics and put them online.  I might go to the extent=
 of getting the upper relay/fuse box, and lower relays.

Chris.. if you noticed.. a couple of Es2 lists emails ago.. Jimmy put a lin=
k on for wiring diagrams:

Well Rs2 diagrams are on there: http://s2central.net/wiring04.html



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