[e//S2] Scored today... $250=whole lotta parts.....

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Sat Jun 7 16:41:31 EDT 2003

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Well.. I did some more driving today, did some part pulling today.. and smiled the whole time knowing it was a big score.

Parts car was a 93 V6 90

I got:

V6 bottom part of the air box: I noticed it looked exactly like my s2 air box. The air box I got in toronto had all the mounting parts cut off.  It worked btw.

V6 upper relays,plate and suround and cover

Dash Harness

Climate control harness

Air distribution housing and blower and all other parts connected

AC drier

Lower AC line

Climate control unit

and some other stuff.

All the goodies I need and I was able to reconize most of the connectors :-)

I probably am going to do a dry run with it and connect every thing outside of the car. I should be able to document everything preity well and put it online.

It's just going to take some time for me to read the Rs2 wiring diagrams.

All smiles
Josh Leonti

Thanks once again Chris for the information

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