[e//S2] I'm in deep too

saltinot at alltel.net saltinot at alltel.net
Tue Jun 10 19:07:13 EDT 2003

Just wanted to say hello.  Glad you guys are out there.  I'm in the process of dropping a 20vt motor from an '92 S4 in my '85 4000q (a.k.a. Petie).  I bought the entire S4 and have stripped it down to the shell.  It's pretty sad looking. :-(

I've been collecting parts mostly so far.....S2 t-body, RS2 intake, exhaust manifolds, etc.  Once I have the majority of parts needed to justify tearing apart my daily driver 4k I'll do so, but for now I'm gathering parts.

Anybody else doing a type85/81 out there?


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