[e//S2] help from 2B?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 17:18:01 EDT 2003

Well, they did the conversion on my car so I can
answer any specific "how did they" questions.  A few
of the ground rules as laid out when I was discussing
the project with them:
- 3B keeps intake tract, AAN they recommend going RS2
- battery moves to trunk and mounting is sawed off
(and nicely repainted)
- Use the 3B engine harness if no AC
- Use S2 harness if AC
- S2 bumper with S2 IC and piping preferred
- I went RS2 bumper and IC, they hand-built the cross
pipe into the existing cross-bar (some cutting)

I can answer specific questions on the wiring if
needed.  I've crawled through a lot of it to learn
what was done and clean up the way they left things
under the dash (finished in a hurry).  With no AC,
the interconnect between the ECU harness and ROC
(rest of car) is quite minimal.  Going into it, I
did not think I could do it myself, but now looking
at it, it is not as intimidating.

Matt Rooke
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> just curious to see if anyone has tried picking the
> brain's over at 2bennett on doing a 20vt swap. they
> seem to be the resident experts and i'm sure they
> know all the tricks to making the wiring (and
> everything else for that matter) go smoothly. the
> question is, are they willing to share their
> secrets?
> Ben
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