[e//S2] e//s2 for sale?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Jun 11 10:36:11 EDT 2003

With all this fresh enthusiasm for the eS2 project, I hope I don't sound
too heretical if I announce that I've decided (mostly!) to try and sell
my car.  The reality is I just don't use it very much, it will never be
in better shape having just been through a major refresh, and I really
need to buy a tow vehicle for my racing efforts.

When I say "mostly" I mean I am not committed to selling it at any
price, rather I'd like to test the market at a price level based on
replacement cost.  My eS2 bills total >$60K.  I've enjoyed the car for
six years so applying a normalized depreciation etc I'm going to try and
get ~$30K for it.  (BTW in six years I've driven it ~20K miles)

I really don't have the energy or motivation to launch a full bore
marketing effort, at least not yet: my thought is to put the word out a
few select places including hanging a sign on it at Mid Oh this weekend.
So this is by way of asking if anyone knows of any interested parties.
I also know that this particular group will be supportive of my price

By way of review, this is one of two S2s done to concours standards with
all OEM factory parts by George Baxter in PA.  It is very close to a
full unmodified Series 1 S2, plus many RS2 upgrades.  Here are some


Base car:  '91 pearl CQ, all options, black leather

*	RS2 intake path (airbox, intercooler, crossmember, airflow
sensor, ISV, all plumbing)
*	RS2 6-speed Gearbox (used, <50K mileage, with factory linkages,
mounting brackets, shift knob)
*	Bira S2 brakes (fronts only, Porsche 996 monoblock calipers)
*	S2 five-bolt hubs, S2 half shafts, CV Joints, wheel bearings
*	S2 rear seat battery mount (battery relocated from CQ underhood
location, all stock S2 fuel lines and underbody sheet metal)
*	S2 engine conversion (Audi 3B 20v turbo as base, hundreds of
*	S2 Bodywork conversion (front clip sheet metal, bumper assembly,
projector-beam headlights/driving lights, and badges)
*	Suspension modifications (S2 strut bar, H&R springs, Koni
adjustable shock absorbers, derlin suspension bushings)
*	Wheels/Tires:  Kinesis forged 3-piece K20 wheels 17x8  Sumitomos
*	Instrumentation: boost gauge replacing voltmeter.
*	Chipped to 270HP
*	Extras:  Custom harness bar and five point harness attachment
hardware.  Desirable "funk" dash switch.
*	Spares:  Front and rear rotors, cryo-treated and cadmium plated.
Several sets of brake pads.  Entire interior wood trim in matte finish
zebrawood (vs. gloss finish elm as installed)
*	Mileage: ~125K chassis; ~100K engine.  ~20K miles on conversion,
following total refresh of chassis and engine wear items and return to
full factory specs.  Fresh pearl paint '02.

Again, I have mixed emotions about this.  I'm loving racing, and just
don't have time and mindshare for this wonderful car.  Plus I need a
truck and _three_ vehicles which mostly just sit around don't win me any
points at home.  However, even now I can't name a car at any price I'd
rather have as a daily driver, and I've regretted selling every hot car
I've ever had.  Hence the wishy washy appeal.


Brandon Hull

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