[e//S2] Paging Mr. G. Christopher Buerner does this look right???

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Wed Jun 11 23:50:16 EDT 2003

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I figured I post this on the list because if I remember right jimmy has an =
aby harness coming. maybe this will help with you too.

Well I am currently labeling all the connectors, fuses, etc to the aux rela=
y/ fuse box .

 So far I got:

S27 =3Dro/ws and ro =3D20a
s32 =3Dsw and sw=3D20a
s24=3D gn/sw and bl/ro=3D10a
s25=3D gr/ro and gr/gn=3D10a
s28=3D gn/sw and bl/sw=3D15a
L 30=3D ro
O =3D   gr/gn
87a gn/sw and gn/sw
black 8 pin connector to B/schwarz :-) easy one
S21=3D 30as=3D ro/sw and ro/sw =3D10a

I would like to say that it's 100% correct but I am going by RS2 wiring dia=
grams and it's and aby harness.

Now I just have to figure out only a couple more connections.. I am slightl=
y stumpted on them:
here some pics.. any help????

These are on the Ecu side of the engine harness:
http://members.cox.net/livinotte/Engine%20harness/00000009.JPG  Still not s=
ure about them yet.

And these are what I suspect the AC adapter harness will plug into:

When I picked up all those AC parts, air box, wiring etc.. it wasn't quite =
exactly the right part #s.. But from what I remember from the etka pictures=
 I was preity positve I could make it work. The parts car was a later model=
 Air distributor box,evaporator etc 90 model. Better for converting to r134=
? from what I read too I think.

I just need the AC adapter harness which I am trying to source. I thought a=
bout swaping in the V6 dash harness. The orange connector for the AC plugs =
in to that harness. but there are no connectors for the other two connector=

i hope all this makes sense.

having an extra fuse box has made life very easy.

I hope this helps anyone else with the swaps too.



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