[e//S2] ABY Wiring, altitude sender

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Jun 16 08:37:24 EDT 2003

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How did the wiring go?  Did you identify your mystery connectors?

I identified the third connector in your photo here (three-wire, metal


It goes to the altitude sender, which is a small black box about the size of
an Audi switch-blade key.  On the box is written BOSCH and a part number.
I'm not exactly sure where this sender is located in the car, since both of
mine are off the car at the moment.  The ADU schematic calls this part an
altitude sender, but the AAN schematic calls this part a pressure sensor.
However, my AAN altitude sender and the one that came with my ABY wiring
harness are the exact same part number.

I didn't pick-up my harness until late yesterday afternoon, so I haven't had
too much time with it.  I spread it all out in my office like I were a
marine biologist displaying a newly found giant squid.  I did a cursory
comparison to the AAN harness, but that eventually made me cross-eyed, so
instead I just went ahead and stuffed the harness into the car.  Now it is
sitting in the car, through the firewall, but not hooked-up to anything.  I
will start that process this week and post my progress as I go.

Jimmy P.

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