[e//S2] ABY Wiring, altitude sender

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Jun 16 13:50:59 EDT 2003

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Thanks, Matt.  Josh, that link has a nice photo of the sensor, if you want
to take a look.  I saw your request for a p/n on S-Cars.  Ruskie ETKA says
that it is: 853 919 562 - Switch, Altitude Corrector.  This isn't the p/n I
remember seeing on the sensor, but I bet I saw a Bosch p/n, not Audi.  If
you call for a price, let us know.  I get the feeling that this may not find
its way to all conversion wiring harnesses.

> The one in the middle I don't believe is for anything.. If anything it
might be for the three gauges but I am not quite sure yet. It does not match
up to the lower gauge pod thought. Also noted I pulled the engine harness
out of the coupe yesterday and that same connector wasn't connected to

My best guess is that this is for gear indication on AT cars.  I will try to
confirm this sometime this week.

Jimmy P.

> I presume you guys know about Scott Mockry's site,
essential reading.  Here is some info on that
altitude sensor:


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