[e//S2] Hey jimmy I figured out another connector

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Mon Jun 16 22:28:27 EDT 2003

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the tan one(top of the pic).. is for the lower three gauges..
Solid thick black wire goes to the oil pressure relief vavle.

It's a different plugin than the stock verson. but its definately for the lower three gauges.. it's the oil pressure, and temp sender wires.

I am going to just put on a connector on the coupe lower gauge cluster to match the aby harness. I have so many extra harness now it's not even funny.

I guess all these wires are taken care of

Altitude sensor, Oil pressure- temp gauges, and the middle one I believe does nothing.  If you want to put it in it's correct position is goes below the a pillar on the right side.



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