[e//S2] I think I figured out the speedometer and other sensors out..

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Wed Jun 18 00:15:52 EDT 2003

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That middle connector runs back to the Multifunction sensor plugin for the =
tranny.  On the coupe tranny it's a 5 plug connector which only uses two pl=
ugs. On the aby motor this blue and red wire runs to, those dual round plug=
 ins(big one's can't miss them), and from there to the other harenss that i=
s on the engine( i forgot the aby harness is a couple harness, reason I cou=
ldn't figure it out).  The Aby multifunction plug in: is a two pin.

I just need to figure out where http://members.cox.net/livinotte/Engine%20h=
this middle one plugs into.

The speedo sensor is there too

The last connector left  to figure out, which I am priety sure what it is: =
is the one on the right. I am priety positive it connects right and left si=
de engine harnesses together.


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