[e//S2] Well I am going to get more parts from the v6 tomorrow..

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Sun Jun 22 21:53:17 EDT 2003

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I figured I send an email to the list.

I will be traveling to back to the parts car where i got all my ac parts. (=
90miles one way, closest one around, but after traveling to toronto for a m=
otor, 90 miles feels like nothing.)

I will be picking up as much of all the harnesses as possible, Light harens=
s, fan hareness, battery harness, the stress bar, carbon canister(think I m=
ight need this), and some other parts. I am also hoping to figure out the t=
ranny issuse, with the multifuction plug in. I am hoping that the v6 model =
has the updated plugin on it, I believe it does.

I am hoping that I can use the v6 light harness, and allternator harenss, w=
hich will get rid of my Rs2 light harness, less wiring less clutter=3D a ha=
ppier Josh. I am also hoping that this harenss will solve the issue I have =
with those two plugins. However if not, I also have the wiring schematics o=
n there way from germany. However they are in german and it will take a whi=
le for me to decipher them.

I have an S2 intercooler(new), and S2 crossmember(used) ordered. I also ord=
ered from SJM a used altitude sensor, new flywheel bolts, and some waste ga=
te gaskets.

I will keep the emails coming to the list, and Hopefully I will have this c=
oupe on the road asap.

The wiring has been a set back, but I have made progress with many other is=
suses. I pulled the battery box a couple days ago and will be moving it to =
the trunk.( I can't afford, nor do I have the time to put in under the rear=
 seat).  I am not sure how much of you are on a budget as much as I am, so =
 something like the fact that napa sells: http://www.napaonline.com/images_=

Universal battery brackets, one of many possible products, It's a nice allt=
ernative to under the rear seat. The battery also fit, in the far back spot
As Aaron had done.


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