[e//S2] So close..!!!!!!

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Jun 24 20:25:37 EDT 2003

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Hey jimmy I think I finally know what that T1 connection is:
I believe it's for the reverse lights.

I believe it's: T1F On row 64 on this diagram:


It make's sense to me
But I won't be able to confirm it quite yet.
However when I was at that parts 90 car, I thought I found a match for this=
 connector and did follow it to the trunk of the 90. The 90 v6 engine haren=
ss is quite similar to the aby harness. I really believe that the aby engin=
e harness would be a direct plug in on the v6 90s, one's that came with che=
ck packages.

I am very close now, to saying that I have all the connections figured out,=
 But I am still figuring out a few things.

On a side note: I did get the V6 head light harness. I believe I can get it=
 to work, but this one had some cuts, I am trying to do a trade/swap deal w=
ith Chris at force 5 for a v6 head light harness(with check package), and t=
he ac adapter harness.

This would elimate my Rs2 light harness adapter, and also would be a direct=
 connection with: http://members.cox.net/livinotte/Engine%20harness/0000001=
6=2EJPG this plug in on the far right.



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