[e//S2] Well.. here is some more wiring info.

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Mon Jun 30 21:59:35 EDT 2003

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I haven't had much time to work on the coupe, truthfully I need a little break.

But I am refreshed, and have alot more figured out.

The connectors:


The solutions:

 http://members.cox.net/livinotte/Engine%20harness/00000003.JPG : driver side engine harness

http://members.cox.net/livinotte/Engine%20harness/00000004.JPG : rear harness for reverse lights

The issuse now is if I want to cut and splice them, or make adapters.   I am going to attempt to make adapters.  I believe I have all the plug connectors to do so.

I was going to use the v6 light harness, But that would require the fan harness also, and the allternator harness too I believe.

At this point I am going to count my blessing that this is simple enough and be happy.

I still have some other stuff to figure out.but I will keep you posted.



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