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Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Thu May 1 12:03:55 EDT 2003

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> CM > I've got a BIRA System 2 kit off my 200 using my2000 S4 rotors and a
Porsche monoblock caliper, but the 200/urS4/urS6 mounting points are off a
few millimeters in diameter and depth, so that bracket won't work.  A
modified version of this system has been designed, and Brandon Hull uses it.

Here is a cut-n-paste of a message that I just sent out to a fella a few
days ago:

"These are great questions, and you have inspired me to improve my hub
conversion page sometime soon, because it is a little thin.

Here is the deal: The UrS4 hubs are thicker than the S2 hubs, so if you use
the UrS4 hubs for the front of your CQ, your brakes should carry over.  But,
if you use S2 front hubs, you will need to use spacers (2mm) to push the
brake carrier out in order to use the brakes.  That is what I had to do when
I moved my big brake kit.  Unfortunately, we never had both hubs off the
cars at the same time, so we never got a comparison photo.  Maybe someday.

Anyway, because of the nice brake kit options available for the UrS4
(especially the RS2/BR/S8 "kit" you mentioned), I learned too late that the
UrS4 hubs would have made more sense on the CQ.  Now, in order to not use
spacers (which worked fine, but I fundamentally don't like them), I will
have to have a custom bracket made.  If you already have committed to S2
front hubs, or if you just want more information on brake kits available for
the S2, you might try Alex at Europrice (www.euro-audi-parts.com).  I think
he may have a kit specifically for the S2.  BIRA also has an S2 kit."

Otherwise, I recommend using UrS4 front hubs.  Besides, they should be more
widely available.  Now, I don't know if there is any difference wrt 200
hubs, so be careful.

I haven't updated this FAQ yet, but here is the address to my 5-bolt
conversion page:

Jimmy P.

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