[e//S2] RE: 500hp+ coupe Yeehaa, need guidance

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed May 14 15:03:46 EDT 2003

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Hey Rod,

Glad to see you are considering this!  I hope you got my earlier
"condolences" note in strong support of this idea.

>As others mentioned, your biggest challenges will be in packaging and in

>One thing that the other folks have not mentioned in detail, is the Audi
changed the wiring connectors around 1992
(see Jimmy Pribble's conversion site- section on wiring:
This will increase the amount of work (requiring splicing, etc.)

> It might be easier to buy late S2 or RS2 wiring harness from a european
wrecker and use that as a starting point.

Bingo!  After already spending dozens of hours with a friend deciphering two
different wiring diagrams and mapping out connectors, blah, blah and looking
forward to even more hours of splicing together two differnet wiring
harnesses (along with the pains of documentation for my conversion
brothers), I saw an ABY harness come up on German eBay a couple of days ago
and I grabbed it.  The power of an S2 wiring harness?  Those who have done
it the hard way say it is easily the most difficult part of the conversion.
However, a guy on AudiWorld named BigMouse converted his 90/3B using a brand
new S2 harness that he bought from the factory.  TOTAL conversion time: two
weeks.  WTF?  Sign me up!

Interestingly enough, just today a fella that I invited to the list wrote
back asking for instructions and he said he is perfectly willing to share
his Excel spreadsheet that already has the connectors mapped between the 90
and the 3B.  W00t!

Rod, the eS2 list was created for this very purpose, so I hope you will
consider joining.  Even though I think we are mostly on the same
lists/forums, my goal is to have a list archives that is purely about
conversions and conversion issues.

Pure Forums Uber Alles!


Jimmy P.

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