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Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon May 19 09:32:19 EDT 2003

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Thanks to a very generous donation, we now have spreadsheets that map the
wiring connectors of the CQ and the 200(3B).  These can be found on my site


These were donated by a fella named Koko, who also goes by the handle
Kreyzig on AudiWorld.  I invited him to be a member and he sent along these
files, saying he would join (though I don't know if he has done so yet).
Once he does, hopefully he will give us a better introduction.  Here is is
his original email:

"Hi Jimmy

Attached are the excel file I promised. If somebody  wanna use this file,
Please check back with the wiring diagram on he manual for both model (200
20v and early 1990 Coupe Quattro with hitachi ECU) since my work might not
be 100% perfect. There are also some other wiring for the AC control from
MTFS (Brown T26/9 on 200) , I will check the connection record on my scratch
paper if i still have it. Also I hook up after run cooling pump system (the
sensor) replacing ambient temp sensor system on the CQ. Hope this help


His car, which can be seen at the links below, is beautiful!

Koko's (Kreyzig's) e//S2:



Anyway, since he did such a nice job on the spreadsheets, I will try to
convert my hand scrawled notes (re: AAN stuff) to his spreadsheet format.
If anybody finds any corrections, let me know and we can adjust the


Jimmy P.

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