[e//S2] ADU Engine Swap completed in '91 CQ

G. Christopher Buerner chris at qualitymarineusa.com
Thu May 29 12:25:17 EDT 2003

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Hi all,

This is the first time I'm posting, and am looking for a bit of help.

I've just completed my long-dreamed of project: Putting an rs2 spec
engine built from a '94 AAN block into my '91coupe.

Here's my issue:  I'm still running the stock, unmolested ECU, and when
running the AAN MAF, FPR, and injectors everything's hunky dory.

When using the RS2 MAF, FPR, and injectors, the car chokes around 5000
rpm, but only in 3rd, 4th, or 5th...
1st and second behave normally, though not as optimally as with the AAN
parts.  With the AAN parts (MAF, FPR & Injectors) the car runs like a
Raped Monkey (just heard that one and I guess raped monkeys run fast) .
With the RS2 gear, nothing but problems.  It doesn't sound rich,  but
for what-ever reason the ECU is cutting off my fuel.  Ned said as long
as I use the bigger MAF with the green injectors things should be fine,
using just one or the other creates problems.  Well, using both (and
FPR) don't work right for me..

The engine was completely rebuilt, the head's ported and polished, cut
flywheel, I'm using the RS2 exhaust Manifold, turbo, waste-gate, RS2
turbo control solenoid, air-box, intercooler, throttle-body (yes it's
slightly different than an AAN unit), bore matched RS2 intake manifold,
etc. etc.

The only thing in the engine bay that's not RS2 is the exhaust cam.  I
opted to use the AAN cam for a number of reasons.

I've got a yet-to be installed Lehman chipset that is supposed to give
300+ ponies using the 2.5 bar transducer, on a stock AAN block mated to
an RS2 exhaust Manifold & Turbo.

I'm afraid this chipset won't help my fuel mix, just spool up more boost
(24psi for a few seconds, then down to 21.)

Any clue as to what's going on here?  Should I just get a new chipset
optimized for the RS2 bits and a 3 bar PT?



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