[e//S2] ADU Engine Swap completed in '91 CQ

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Thu May 29 16:10:50 EDT 2003

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> Should I just get a new chipset optimized for the RS2 bits and a 3 bar PT?


Esoteric technical details can be found on other forums, but the rule of
thumb is: software needs to match MAF and injectors.  Ned knows what he is
talking about and he can certainly sell an appropriate chipset to you, but I
don't know why he thinks adding an RS2 MAF and injectors to an otherwise
stock AAN (ECU) is going to run properly.  It's not.  So, either be happy
with Scalded Naked Ape power (where does this stuff come from?) by using
your stock ECU or the Lehmann chipset, then sell your RS2 MAF, injectors,
and FPR to somebody on this list; or, update your software and PT, and use
all the RS2 stuff.

Now, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your car!  Do you have a
website or photos/documentation online?  If not, you can send photos to me
and I can publish them on the e//S2 registry pages that I'm working on.
Also, I see an area where you can make a nice contribution to the list.
Very few (any?) folks bother to use the RS2 throttle body instead of their
stock AAN TB.  It would be swell if you could document the differences
between the two.  I can extrapolate some differences, because the AAN TB
clearly does not fit QUITE right, but you are in the unique position of
having both available as well as BTDT.


Jimmy P.
AAN e//S2 (Under Construction)

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