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Thu Nov 20 11:57:59 EST 2003

can actually have AC.. This is all messing with my head as of right
now.. But I am sure I will figure it out in some amount of decent time.
8a0 971 565C
has one relay + another two connectors, which share a relay

8AO 971 569C  Right on brother !  You found it, you found it, but
wait... There's more.   There is a loom that surrounds the electric-flap
driven A/C box - that part exists in all post '93 audi 80 & 90 series
that had Electronic A/C.  So in euro 5 cyl models that had the newer A/C
unit (rare for euro cars other than S2 ABY's and RS2's to even have A/C)
and in nearly all north American V6 models (except cabriolet) from '93
on.  I think even the A4's used the same unit.  You need that harness
and the box with all the flap motors.  That harness to which I'm
referring will plug into the back of the programmer, and into the temp
sensors and flap motors of that box.  The other harness, the number for
which you already found, ties the box to your dash harness.  Without
changing your entire dash harness (which I didn't) tying the two
together requires a V6 wiring schematic matching the loose ends to your
existing dash loom.

ALWAYS MODEL OR PART SPECIFIC. I can't tell you how pissed off I've been
nor how often because what I'm looking at on my laptop ain't what I got
in my hands.  Especially when it comes to electrical stuff like
harnesses and relays.

Well,  I hope that answers some questions.  This was a LOOOOOONG project
for me so I gathered tons of completely useless information (at least to
everyone else but the few of us in this forum!)

By the way josh, starting out with an ABY motor is a god-send.  You may
already know this, but in case you hadn't chased all your part numbers
down,  you got yer RS2 throttle body, you got yer RS2 fuel lines, yer
RS2 fuel rail, yer Wastegate, yer WGFV, ya don't have to change oil pans
or turbo oil or water plumbing, ya don't have to buy those outrageous
oil-lines (you got the oil cooler didn't you???) and most importantly,
the grand-daddy of them all, you got yourself an rs2 valve cover with
the funky little bent breather pipe.

The downside is, with just about everything together to build a
parts-fiche ADU,  how are you going to resist spending the other 5+
grand in parts it takes to go all the way??  If you think I'm kidding,
think again. Tell Martyn Chris in Los Angeles says hello. Brandon (who I
can blame for getting me going on this project by sending me a CD), and
Jimmy P. who is in the middle of it all now know what I'm saying.

Good Luck ! and I'm happy to be of any assistance!


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