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Thu Nov 20 11:57:59 EST 2003

-WOT comressor cutout
-A/C on, idle speed increase
-Engine coolant temp:  (From the MFTS in the 3b, from the ECU in the AAN)

I have everything documented in my (messy) notes... I can provide if


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Hello all,

just wondering if any of you who have done this conversion have working
A/C? if so, what method/harness/head unit did you use? i was looking over
the wiring schematics of the A/C system for the CQ and the 200 and they
are quite different. couple that with my severe lack of knowledge about
automotive wiring and you get someone who's in way over his head on this
one! any help would be appreciated. i'm also trying to track down the
climate control unit and harness from a 3B S2, hoping that it would be
more plug-and-play.


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