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Thu Nov 20 11:57:59 EST 2003

Once that happens, then start troubleshooting.  I believe this is what
Vincent (BigMouse) did and I recall that even though it took him awhile to
figure everything out, he was still having fun with his working car!  Much
less frustration, I imagine.

> Does bently make an audi S2 book?

Chris can confirm, but I don't think so.

> hypothetically speaking, everything might plug in with the aby harness,
but is the wires really going to match up to the dash harness?

Not as often as we would like.  You give a great example of the T10 vs.
T10a.  The connector names are different between books and the wire colors
are also not consistent.  I have found that some of the connectors have some
of the wires correct, but one or two will be different.  A couple of
switched wires and the connectors will mate just fine.  I stuck the
connector up into the aux. relay panel, just to keep things organized.
Anyway, it looks like the ABY harness is not as plug-and-play as we had
hoped.  But, since it is cut for the Coupe chassis, it is still probably
easier than using an S4 harness.

> However for the AAN(same ecu pin # as aby)
> Pin 32: Trip Computer Boost Pressure Gauge signal for (Pin 9)

> So is that the same thing?

Well, this shouldn't matter anyway, because your board computer doesn't have
a boost gauge in it.  Only the '92 S4 had that (and perhaps the S2/RS2 gauge
cluster?).  Just trying to help you simplify!

> This connections is for models with auto trannies:

Thanks for the identifications, Josh!  I will try to keep my site updated as
we identify more.  BTW, I took some photos of my car last night, just so you
guys could see what shape it is in.  This is where I spend my time every
evening.  Prepare yourselves, this is an ugly car!  The old hood is still
on, you can see the bad paint, you can see the dink in the fender (hmmm,
didn't Peter say something about lightweight fenders?).

My office:

The other photos are on the photo page here:

Tonight, the cruise control system gets pulled!



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