[e//S2] AAN oil pan/radiator interference...

Andrew.Jackson at bmo.com Andrew.Jackson at bmo.com
Mon Nov 3 14:22:17 EST 2003

That is correct Jimmy, no interference problems here.

I actually had to replace my original AAN oilpan with an OE new (don't
ask!) and I didn't have any fitment issues the second time around either.
This leands me to believe that the interference Jimmy experienced is a
result of an ever so slightly different rad setup on the 90's vs. 91's.
My Cq is a '91.

If your Cq is a '91 as well, I'd say go for it and adapt if necessary.
If it's a 90 i would further investigate any possible differences between
the two and perhaps use it as an excuse
to "upgrade" your main rad.

It's likely that it's over 12years old anyway, so why not?



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> What was the deal with that?

Yeah, the angled radiator didn't bother Audi Sport.  Anyway, perhaps
of manufacturing tolerances, some of us have found the stock radiator to
interfere, while others haven't.  Mine interfered, but I was switching to
aftermarket radiator anyway, so I didn't bother trying to solve that
in any other way.  Someone on the list, (JaXeN?) said he had no problem
interference.  I would say just give it a try and go from there.

Jimmy P.
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