[e//S2] e//S2 project update (long)

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Mon Nov 17 10:50:19 EST 2003

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Well this weekend I got really close to being able to start the engine. I m=
ade all of the mechanical and electrical connections to the new engine and =
the gearbox. Things were going smoothly and then I hit a snag. I was reinst=
alling the radiator and condenser when it became aparent that the turbo aft=
er-run coolant pump, which is mounted on the driver's side engine mount, co=
mpletely interfered with the rad cooling fan. Doesn't seem like much, but i=
t was pretty much a brick wall, especially since it came at the end of a ve=
ry long day of woring on the car. So before I can install the rad and finis=
h the cooling plumbing, I need to relocate the turbo coolant pump. This mea=
ns either getting the proper S2 hose for it or fashioning a custom hose (so=
unds simple but it's a bit of an odd shape with a few bends in it.). On a p=
ositive note, by gently rebending the low pressure a/c line and a lot of tr=
ial and error fitting, I managed to solve the conflict between the turbo an=
d the location of the A/C dryer and plumbing. Well sort of. There isn't muc=
h clearance at all, maybe 3/16" at best. I found out the hard way that the =
air box should be installed before the A/C line goes in though. Not enough =
wiggle room afterwards.

A couple of other notes:
1) The 3B harness from the 200tq is long. There is an excess of wiring on t=
he engine bay side of the harness that needs to find a home somewhere. It g=
ets to be a little circuitous to get everything to fit and connect up prope=
rly. If you can run everything and secure the harness in the engine bay bef=
ore the engine goes in, it would probably be easier. However, it's tough to=
 know exactly where everything "needs" to end up without the engine in plac=

2) Since the carbon canister set up is slightly different on the 200 (freqe=
ncy valve in-line) I deleted the frequency and on-off valves from the CQ se=
tup. I then simply fashioned the proper length line to the in-line valve.

Everything is taking MUCH longer than I had hoped and planned for. It's bee=
n six months now that the car has been off the road. Granted, I only have t=
he weekends to work on it, but it sure is dragging on. Something that I thi=
nk will take one hour ends up taking three. You know how it goes. Given tha=
t, I think once the turbo coolant pump situation is sorted out, I'll be abl=
e to start it up shortly thereafter. While I would hope for it to start the=
 first time and run flawlessly, the sheer complexity of the project has led=
 me to anticipate at least some sort of problem, followed by hours of troub=
le shooting and diagnosis. However, it would be a pleasant surprise to be s=
ure if it did run!

Well that's it for now from my end. I'll be back at it next weekend.


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