[e//S2] e//S2 project update (long)

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Nov 17 16:56:06 EST 2003

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Great post Ben!  Many of us know the frustration of things taking longer
than expected, but it's my understanding the reward will be worth it.  It
sounds like you have maybe just passed my current stage in the project, but
I am just about to be able to commit back to the project again, now that the
UrQ is almost ready to sell.  I should be able to post more often now, too.

Also, be advised that there is a problem with the Audifans lists and I am
unable to access the administrator functions.  Therefore, there are 8
messages stuck in the queue that were sent from email addresses not
subscribed to the list.  I will try to get that taken care of, but in the
meantime, please try to post from your authorized, primary account to avoid
getting stuck.


Jimmy P.

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