[Es2] eS2s at Sears Point

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 14:53:42 EST 2003

Aw crap, I'll be in Canada skiing the week of 
T-hill, so the next chance will be Laguna Seca end
of Jan.
S2 is good on track (I'm still learning to use all
the new HP, no need for more upgrades for a while) but
boy does it push.  Trying to learn to trail brake
to minimize it a bit.  Rode a session with Ken
Bennett in his A6 2.7T.  He was braking well into
the turns and seemed to get him around pretty quick.
He is a very good driver, esp. considering the
hand controls (steering with one hand, the other runs
throttle and brake).
Make sure you get all the insurance for the rental
Guy at Sears backed a rented Boxster into a tire wall,
rumor was he did not get the rental co. insurance.

--- Brandon Hull <Hull at cardinalpartners.com> wrote:
> Sounds like a great time.  Tom V is a good guy no? 
> (still on the list
> Tom?)  Didn't know Andrew brought over an S2; that
> dog.  Is the S2 an
> awsome track car or what.  I will be at Thunderhill
> with a rented mini
> Cooper.  Hope to see you there!
> Brandon
> > Thanks Peter, I had been dropped.
> > 
> > Last weekend I was at the Q-club event at Sears
> Pt.
> > There were a total of 4 "eS2"s on the track- mine,
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