[e//S2] Dowel sleeves.. and the mess they/I created.

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Oct 7 23:49:39 EDT 2003

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Hi guys

It's been a while since I posted, I figued I give you all a nice break from me, especially since I been quite pissed with the car lately.

In the process of installing the motor a couple weekends ago I cracked the engine where the reference sensor is, specifically B dowel sleeve.

The piece completely broke, off and completely shattered the look on my face.

The piece was welded back on. Luckly a new welder George (forgot his last name, but he actually owned a major motorcyle company) just moved into town and is one of the best around.

I figured I try once more before I took it to a shop.  I could get it to go flush. I check everything, release bearing, pressure plates, pilot bearing. the spindle etc.

Well I did not figure out what the cause was till tonight.

"-A- and -B- dowel sleeves for centering on the aby motor"

Guess what?

These were too long!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how I could of over looked it!!!

I am so perplexed, but now I know.

I pulled these out and installed the motor, and it went in fine!!

So tomorrow they are being cut.

What a kick in the A$$!

I had the motor in, pulled it out, motor in, pulled it out, motor in, pulled it out... Trying to figure out why it would not go in. Checking release bearing, spindles, pilot bearing etc.

I end up putting the motor in the van, Simply put, pissed off and had I enough.

Then my buddy comes overs, and says "lets give it a try"

Me, Mike, and my old man.. Tickered with it.. Till it dawned on me. WTF!

So this was quite a mess, and now I will be even more anal with reading etka, bently and everything else.

I would ussually says


But I am not to amused right now... Human error sucks.

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