[e//S2] '91 200 Quattro value?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 08:45:54 EDT 2003

It is a 3B motor, not AAN.  Offer 2K to see if they
are really desperate.  If you are willing to part out
the car (suspension, interior, etc. etc.) to get some
money back maybe go to 5K.  Non-totalled 200tq's can
be found in 6-7K range occasionally, but usually a
bit more.

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> Long time 20v lister, first time eS2 lister.
> I am driving my 3rd 7A car,  a '90 CQ.  I walked
> into my local Audi specialist's garage yesterday and
> learned that his son just wrecked his '91 200Q.
> This is what I know:
> 230k miles
> burns no oil
> highly maintained and ran great
> bent frame
> What is this car worth?  I would love to put that
> AAN in my CQ.  I think getting the whole car would
> be the best option.  I would be sure to have all the
> bits and pieces I need from the car.  He wants it
> gone and soon.  Hoping to score it at a low price.
> TIA,
> Dave Kase
> '90 CQ
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