[e//S2] One last wiring question...I hope.

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Oct 22 01:22:22 EDT 2003

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On the 3B, there is a black/red wire that goes from ECU pin # 18 up to fuse=
 #27. From there it heads to the yellow connector T5e as a 1.5 red wire. Ca=
n anyone tell me where it goes beyond the T5e? Bently shows the wire termin=
ating at one side of the T5e and nothing coming out the other side. Yet my =
T5e has the red wire coming in and then going out of T5e. The problem is, i=
t's cut after the connector and I don't know where it goes! Other than that=
, I've finally completed all the wiring. I temporarily hooked up all the in=
terior electronics like gauges, stalk switches, console, etc., hooked up th=
e battery and turned the key. I breathed a sigh of relief when everything w=
orked, from the wipers to headlights, and no smoke was seen or smelled! Of =
course with no engine or fluids the autocheck was beeping and flashing like=
If my tranny parts arrive this week like they should, the engine will be go=
ing in this weekend. I'll hopefully be in a position to test fire it on sun=
day. Wish me luck! Given the complexity of the conversion (the wiring kicke=
d my ass), I do expect there to be problems initially. But I'm finally oh s=
o close!


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