[e//S2] e//S2 newbie questions

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Dave, here are a couple of answres and opinions:

1) If you use the 7A compressor (like myself) you need to relocate the oil
filter and re-route the oil lines from the turbo. There are many ways to
custom fabricate items for this, however I found the easiest way was to get
the S2 oil pan extension, the S2 oil filter bracket and the S2 oil to turbo
feed and return lines.

2) RS2 stuff is nice if you can afford it!

3) The 200 intake manifold is the same as the S2's. It works fine with the

4) The stock 200 (3B) exhaust manifold is the same as the S2's. The problem
is with the downpipe. A custom down pipe can be manufactured but at what
cost? I suppose if you're going to replace the entire exhaust with a larger
diameter system, then this would be the place to start. Again I chose to get
the stock S2 downpipe to avoid any mods.

Hope this helps!


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> I am starting to sort out this whole project and I need a few specific
questions answered.
> 1.  I will need a stock S2 oil filter set up to run the 3B with A/C and I
can use the 7A air conditioning compressor.  True or false?
> 2.  Is it a waste to get S2 stuff, should I just get RS2 goodies?
> 3.  Do I need to change the 200TQ intake manifold to fit in the CQ?
> 4.  Will a stock S2 exhaust manifold work fine?
> Just the beginning...
> TIA,
> Dave K.
> '90 CQ
> '91 200TQ
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