[e//S2] e//S2 newbie questions

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 17:48:10 EDT 2003

I can't answer 1 as I don't have AC.  Check Brandon's
S2 site.
2 is more a matter of opinion on what you want the
final product to be.  I have RS2 IC and bumper 'cause
I wanted the biggest bolt-on IC available.
3,4- the stock 3B IM and EM will work just fine.
Some say the RS2 EM gives better results with a big
turbo (RS2 or other) if you are pushing big HP.


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> I am starting to sort out this whole project and I
> need a few specific questions answered.
> 1.  I will need a stock S2 oil filter set up to run
> the 3B with A/C and I can use the 7A air
> conditioning compressor.  True or false?
> 2.  Is it a waste to get S2 stuff, should I just get
> RS2 goodies?
> 3.  Do I need to change the 200TQ intake manifold to
> fit in the CQ?
> 4.  Will a stock S2 exhaust manifold work fine?
> Just the beginning...
> TIA,
> Dave K.
> '90 CQ
> '91 200TQ
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