[e//S2] Aby vs Rs2 vs 3b intake manifolds. and some stuff possibly forsale.

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Fri Oct 24 16:18:44 EDT 2003

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Hi guys.

I figured since it was mentioned we should be a little more informative.

Let's see if I remember all this though.

The 3b intake manfold is smaller in diameter on the inside that the aby or Rs2. How much exactly I do not know.

The aby and Rs2/adu intake manifolds are the same thing, except for the fact the Rs2 has porsche on it.

The 3b has all vacumn lines on the back side of the intake manifold. Where as the Rs2 and aby have the Bypass vavle nipple towards the front.

There is also a steel line that goes to the fuel pressure regulator. on the aby motor which is a different setup that the 3b too.

Progress report on my coupe:

I am waiting for parts.  Once I get them.. things will move quickly.

I bought a Rs2 lower intercooler hose to work with my aby intercooler. I thought it would work. However it does not.
I am thinking I would like to sell the aby intercooler. If anyone on the list is interested you can send me an email for pics etc.

The aby intercooler, is larger than the 3b intercooler how ever it is not as large as the RS2 intercooler.

If your interested in the RS2 silicone lower hose... $275 complete.

I am looking into my options thanks.

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