[e//S2] Advantages of RS2 exhaust manifold.

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Oct 28 15:18:12 EST 2003

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Hi Dave.

As you read more and more... things will make alot more sense. Especially on the European S2forum.

The 3b exhaust manfold is only good for around 290hp.
The Rs2 is good for around 425hp
The sport quattro manifold is good for 450hp+

Don't quote me on those but I am preity postive they are close enough to correct.

You should really take the Advantage of the S2 forum in europe.

Getting parts used etc..

Splicing in the 3b 200 wiring harness is not fun.. Just ask a couple of the guys on the Es2 list.   Might want to consider getting a used S2 harness etc.

Also dave you have alot of decision to make out of personal taste I sappose.

Battery placement
Intercooler factory or aftermarket etc.
Air box or cone filter
Flywheel clutch setup
Tranny setup

There is enough of us out there who have done the swap who each can comment on their own setups.

Read... and talk to the right people.

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