[e//S2] Advantages of RS2 exhaust manifold.

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Tue Oct 28 15:44:25 EST 2003

My thinking Dave was that installing the EM is far easier with the
engine out than in, so if you think you might _ever_ want it, might as
well do it prior to engine installation.  As a practical matter, I never
wanted mega HP, and in fact probably it is putting out 250-270hp six
years later.  So I could've just as well stuck with the stock em and
saved ~$500 or whatever it was at the time.  I recall some discussion of
overheating the #5 cylinder but again the production 200s and S4/6s got
along by and large just fine w/this EM.

In fact, now that I think of it, I broke a stud when I removed the old
EM, and added 5 hours to my job dremeling out the broken stud, tapping
the hole for a timesert etc etc.  So in retrospect I for one would
advise the 1997 me to leave the oem EM alone!

Ur e//S2

> The 3b exhaust manfold is only good for around 290hp.
> The Rs2 is good for around 425hp
> The sport quattro manifold is good for 450hp+

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