[e//S2] Wiring Update

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Sep 2 09:13:35 EDT 2003

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Josh, you aren't alone!  I'm right with you (well actually, a little behind
you).  Here is what I did this weekend:

Removed complete wiring harness for seats, windows, and sunroof, including
all wiring located in doors.

Removed alarm system and all associated wiring (door contact switch wiring).
Removed all radio wiring. Removed central locking system, all associated
wiring, electric pump, and vacuum hoses.

Basically, I have been removing all unneccesary wiring from my car.  It
amounted to about 10+ pounds of wiring, which can be seen here:


On Monday, Eric Fluhr and I started to hook everything back up on the CQ
side. We got the fuse box reinstalled and managed to sort out a few more
items. However, the ABY harness is pushed through the firewall, but it is
still laying there, mostly a mystery to me.  I snapped photos of all the
connectors and I'm about to start identifying them.  In just a day or two, I
will probably have lots of questions for you, Josh.  BTW, what schematic
resources are you using, besides the ADU schematics on S2 Central?  Those
schematics don't seem to be complete.

There are photos of most of the ABY (interior) connectors here:


This might be any easy question for you, Josh: any idea what that relay is
attached to the yellow connector on the ABY harness?


Congratulations on getting your car started and for figuring out some of
your wiring issues.  I agree that already, I feel like a wiring
upper-classman!  I never thought that I would be able to look at that jumble
of wires on my floorboard and make any sense out of them, but it actually IS
starting to make sense.  Crazy.  Anyway, I will take some interior photos of
my car in the next day or two and show you what it looks like.

Also, for the first time in 9 months, my UrQuattro moved under its own
power!  I drove it around the block twice.  The engine rebuild seems to have
gone well, but there are still a couple of problems, one of which we think
is a fuel pressure problem.  We should have it sorted out in a few of weeks.
I hope so, since it is scheduled for a track event in October.  After that,
I will have a very inexpensive UrQuattro for sale.



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