[e//S2] my own wiring update!

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Tue Sep 2 11:56:19 EDT 2003

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hey guys,

josh and jimmy, it's good to hear that there are at least 2 more guys out t=
here at this moment slashing our way through the jungle of wires on our pro=
jects! i think i'm a few steps behind both of you. however, i do think i've=
 figured everything out in theory. I think my task is a little easier, cons=
idering i'm using the 3B harness and i have all the schematics. i hope to h=
ave everything connected in the next week or so. provided everything works =
right (including A/C, autocheck, multifunction display, cruise, etc.) i wil=
l write detailed descriptions with photos to document my process. i do have=
 a question for everyone: the CQ has a thermoswitch mounted to a little bra=
cket on the valve cover, that engages the low speed after run radiator fan.=
 i have kept this thermoswitch along with its CQ harness and connector, and=
 i've mounted it on the 3B cylinder head at the back. (there was a plug tha=
t i removed with the exact thread pattern for the switch). my question is, =
does it make sense to keep the switch and wire the turbo afterrun pump into=
 this circuit, or can i eliminate the switch altogether and wire the low sp=
eed ran fan into the turbo after run coolant temp sensor/thermo switch? con=
fused yet? me too.

i'm also still debating which harness/connector to use for the speed sender=
 unit on the tranny. do i keep the CQ wiring or use the connector on the 3B=
 harness? both have wiring issues that i need to figure out.

in other news, i also managed to patch and fill the area where i chiselled =
the battery box out of. i must say, for my first attempt at bodywork, it tu=
rned out very nice! one more coat of light filler, and another fine sand an=
d it will be ready for primer and paint. in retrospect, i should have just =
drilled out the spot welds on the battery box. it would've been much cleane=
r=2E heads-up to those about to remove it themselves!

well that's about it for now. i'll post my latest pics this afternoon.


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