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Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Tue Sep 2 16:10:52 EDT 2003

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hey guys,

here are a few of the latest pics. notice the temperature thermoswitch (cir=
cled) i transferred from the 7A valve cover to the 3B head. there was a lit=
tle hex head plug that i unscrewed that this switch fit into. since i'm kee=
ping the stock CQ rad set up, including all the wiring, i thought it made s=
ense to keep this little switch since it engages the low speed rad fan for =
afterrun cooling. i plan on wiring the turbo afterrun pump to this relay as=
 well. does this make sense? i may have to review this, given that i just r=
ealised the turbo afterrun pump has its own thermoswitch.
anyway, the other pics show the modified CQ engine mount (which i drilled a=
nd tapped to accept the turbo afterrun pump bracket), and the body-filled b=
attery tray area, just before first grinding and sanding.

[ es2 005.jpg of type image/jpeg deleted ]
[ es2 006.jpg of type image/jpeg deleted ]
[ es2 007.jpg of type image/jpeg deleted ]

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