[e//S2] Carbon canister Frequency vavle wiring?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 16:49:47 EDT 2003

> I just noticed that the carbon canister frequency
> vavle wiring is on a seperate harness from the 7a
> engine harness that I pulled. The Aby motronic
> harness has it's own plug in for the carbon
> frequency vavle.
> So...Do I not worry about the stock 7a wiring? and
> leave it unpluged? Or is this another one of those
> dilemna specifically ABY?
> 3B guys?

My 3B has the valve behind/ under the throttle body
which I believe is the stock location, with a
hose running over to the canister.  I will check
tonight and maybe snap a picture but I think the 3B
harness plugs directly in.
> I also noticed that in most aby/adu pictures.. I
> don't even seen the canister?

That would be an issue here in California and other
smog test states.  My '91 was not a CA car and it
has the canister.  But without need to pass smog
inspections I suspect it can be deleted with no
detrimental effect beyond a few vented vapors.


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