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josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Wed Sep 3 21:06:58 EDT 2003

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Well guys I figured out a good amount of information!

First I forget that half my motronic harness is still on the motor.

The speedo and reverse connections are on the motor, and since I am still l=
earning so much I forgot about that. Some times you can be working on so mu=
ch and just plain forget.

But My speedometer plugin is a T3 connections that simply plugs into the sa=
me spot. So there is no splicing needed for us with the aby motor harnesses.

The Reverse light situation is another story. However a simple solution I b=

First I will point out, because I know now.
This connections is for models with auto trannies:

^^^^^^The Black connector in the middle of the picture.

I am either going to make a custom little harness like I mentioned to make =
the T5 connector on the tranny to the T2 connector on the aby harness. Or b=
etter yet I will be taking the T2 connector off the aby harness and putting=
 the T5 connector on.

I can't remember the Tool #s off my head but tomorrow I will be getting the=
m from the dealer. But the dealership have these nice Wire pullers. You can=
 get them here:
If I new the part #s.

When I have an oportunity I will try to take some decent pictures of this w=
ith my crappy digital.

But I know all the wires and where they go quite well now, So if you guys h=
ave any questions I probably can answer them.

Next issuse:

The carbon canister is found under the passenger side arch on aby motors, t=
hat is the reason why I could not find it.

I will most likely be doing a setup the same as koko's thought. I am trying=
 to keep this as simple as possible.


Here's the picture again if you don't remember.
If you look closely by the coolant tank you can see what I am talking about.



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