[e//S2] Some more answers and a question?

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Wed Sep 3 22:49:18 EDT 2003

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First I like to point out a great page on Sjm site!


For ben, I sappose this would certainly help.

But this email is related to the trip/board computer.
I am on Schematics page 91-20-16

There is a Yellow T1C that connects to the Ecu
Pedro's spread sheet states:
        7 Board Computer (Y) 23A #32 BL/BK

SJM site states:

Pin 32: Trip Computer (Blue/Black stripe wire)
Which makes sense for 3b application

However for the AAN(same ecu pin # as aby)
Pin 32: Trip Computer Boost Pressure Gauge signal for (Pin 9)

 So is that the same thing?



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