[e//S2] Some more answers and a question?

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Some good info here Josh,  but in the interest of the many(?) who will
come after us,
how about making the subject of your emails more accurately match the

For eg. this could be titled "wiring - trip computer"
This would especially make things easier for those who choose to browse
the e//S2 list from the web at the
Audifans site.



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First I like to point out a great page on Sjm site!


For ben, I sappose this would certainly help.

But this email is related to the trip/board computer.
I am on Schematics page 91-20-16

There is a Yellow T1C that connects to the Ecu
Pedro's spread sheet states:
7 Board Computer (Y) 23A #32 BL/BK

SJM site states:

Pin 32: Trip Computer (Blue/Black stripe wire)
Which makes sense for 3b application

However for the AAN(same ecu pin # as aby)
Pin 32: Trip Computer Boost Pressure Gauge signal for (Pin 9)

So is that the same thing?



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