[e//S2] Racing an Audi, new venue?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Thu Sep 4 11:19:18 EDT 2003

The lack of any racing venue for Audi was a big reason I retired the
e//S2 from track duty: I wanted to go racing to building a dedicated
track car which was ineligible to race was pointless.  Now along comes
the German Touring Sedan Challenge, sponsored by NASA.
http://www.gtschallenge.com  So far it is just Porsche vs. BMW.  The
classes are designed to include cars already prepared to PCA or BMWCCA
rulebooks.  However, there is a free wheeling classification philosophy
that I think could be expanded to include Audis.  I have read threads by
the organizers that lead me to believe they'd be open to audi
participation.  So, those of you building track cars: it might be worth
pinging these guys to try and get some rules guidelines.

I would _love_ to see some S2s on US tracks.  I felt like I did well
with the eS2 at DEs vs. M3s and 944turbos, and it would be great to see
some Audis in the GTS venue...

Brandon Hull
911SC #77 G

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