[e//S2] Stromung GP?

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 09:21:09 EDT 2003

Jimmy, et al,
If I may offer my 2 cents here...
For whatever reason, some of us late adopters of the
Stromung UrS4 system have had some issues with regards
to fitment, NVH, exhaust hangers breaking, downpipes
cracking, midpipes cracking, etc.

Speaking from personal experience with the 3rd GP
stromung, I have experienced a broken hanger, a
cracked midpipe (split in half and various fitment
issues, including ground clearance.)  I also know of
at least three Stromung downpipes (2 GP3+ and 1 GP1)
that have required re-welding due to the wastegate
entry turbulence, the latest one separating itself
after only 2 track events and 4 months of street use.

Now, Jeff is a great guy, easy to deal with, etc, but
I would have to advise those of you seeking track duty
for your S2's to perhaps pursue fitment of a custom
exhaust built to your specifications.


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> Just got a note from Jeff Postupack.  For the
> millionth time (okay, second
> time), we are trying to gather interest in a
> Stromung 3" exhaust system for
> the e//S2.  Jeff thinks that we MIGHT be able to get
> them to do a run with a
> minimum of five.  I think Matt Rooke has volunteered
> to take his car to
> Stromung for the prototype bespoke fitment.  I
> assume that means he is
> interested in one.  Herr Shultz as well?  I don't
> know how Brandon's car can
> compete for the "Best e//S2" title with an exhaust
> made out of dryer hose.
> Sir?!  It will break my bank, but I'm in if we can
> get this together.
> Pipe-up if you have a serious interest.  This is
> from a previous post that I
> made:
> Also, Stromung can make a custom downpipe (and/or
> full exhaust).  I have
> owned a custom 3" turbo-back Stromung exhaust for my
> UrS4 and it was
> fantastic.  Mandrel bent pipe, beautiful welds,
> bespoke fitment, etc.  The
> entire exhaust almost cost the same as just the 2B
> downpipe.  Since it is
> custom, the sky is the limit (larger turbo mounting
> surface for crazy-sized
> turbos, bungs for an EGT sensor, etc.).  The only
> real requirement would be
> for a car to be available for fitment in California.
>  Also, since we don't
> really have all that many guys, we might end-up at
> the back of a line and we
> might not get too much of a discount.  Still, I
> promise it will be cheaper
> than 2B.
> Hmmm, checking my notes here, my complete 3" SS
> Stromung turbo-back exhaust,
> including an additional "test pipe" for track days
> and eventually a second
> Magnaflow muffler, came to $1180 (total).  2B
> downpipe is $975 + shipping.
> Do the math.  I have photos of this thing, if anyone
> is interested.  Most of
> you know what I'm talking about from the S-Car list.
> Jimmy
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