[e//S2] a few more specific wiring questions...

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Thu Sep 4 10:19:59 EDT 2003

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ok guys, i finally got through all the 3B and 7A schematics last night. i'v=
e figured everything out with the exception of a few little nagging problem=
s=2E steve, maybe you can shed some light here?

1) the 200 bentley lists 2 brown connectors - T2w & T2j - in the connector =
list on page 535. on page 538 & 541, the connectors are both shown as being=
 the brown diagnostic connector. which is the real fault code diagnostic co=
nnector? and what is the other one for?

2) do i keep the CQ afterrun fan relay (#3 on main panel) even though i'm u=
sing the brown turbo afterrun relay from the 200 on the auxilary panel? if =
not, then will all the CQ wiring going to that relay will have to be re-rou=

3)pin 17 on the CQ A/C control head receives a signal from the coolant temp=
erature sensor. which sensor is this? and which wire from the 3B harness wo=
uld connect to pin 17?

4)what do i connect to the CQ's A/C control head pin #2? it used to be conn=
ected to the Fuel Injection Control Unit, but i can't seem to find the corr=
esponding wire from the 3B ecu?



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